Ask An Immigrant

Ask An Immigrant About the Conditions That Drove Them From Their Native Country and What Hopes Led Them to Ours

My experience is that, as a group, individuals who have immigrated to the U.S. and their first generation offspring, are more vocal and open about their appreciation for this country than those of us who were born here and whose parents were born here.

In order to get a good perspective on something, it's often necessary to go away from it or to see it from afar. One way to do that is to travel to another country. Another way to do that is to talk with individuals who have come to the U.S. from other countries.

Talking with an immigrant often gives us a better perspective of ourselves. They see good things about the country we take for granted.  They let us know how we are really viewed by others - which is often quite different from how the media portrays others' views of the U.S. Their stories of what life is like in their native country may surprise you.  You might want to consider arranging for a group of immigrants to speak at your child's school. 

Ask immigrant about their native country