Discuss the Responsibilities of Citizenship with Your Children

The Constitution and other founding documents talk mostly about our "inalienable rights". These rights are freedoms that every individual in this country is able to enjoy. Also, we live in an era where the focus on our "rights" is strong - and perhaps a bit out of kilter with what was intended. It seems that special interest groups, as well as individual citizens, often use the phrase "have the right to" in ways intended to serve their best interest and not the country's best interest, as intended by the founding fathers.

In order to sustain a society where its citizens are free, individuals must also have some obligations or responsibilities to that society. GOOD CITIZEN's mission is about the responsibility part of freedom. Without citizen involvement, freedom is not sustainable; and without freedom, there are no "inalienable rights".  And while there is not any "correct" way to be responsible, each of us is responsible for doing and acting in a way that keeps  the country strong and thus free.

The best time to learn this message is when one is young.  Discuss citizenship, and the rights and responsibilities that come with it, with your children.  Choose a few of the citizen actions on this site that your children can accomplish and some that you can do together.  You will not only teach them good citizenship skills, but you will let them know how important citizenship is to you.


Discuss Responsibility of Citizenship with you Children

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