Host a Marine For Thanksgiving Dinner

Our country depends on young Americans who have volunteered to join the armed forces to keep us safe.  Thanksgiving is a family-oriented, yet brief, holiday and many of these young soldiers don’t have the leave time or resources to go home. For many, it’s the first time they been away from home for Thanksgiving.

It is becoming a tradition for families in communities near military bases to host young Americans serving in the Marines, Army, Navy, or Air Force. 

The Community Relations Office at military bases should be aware of “Adopt a Soldier”-type programs in nearby communities – Adopt a Sailor, Adopt a Soldier, Adopt a Marine, Adopt an Airman.  It is customary, and sometimes required, that the soldiers be hosted in pairs.

Hosting a soldier has many benefits for both the soldier and the hosting family.  For a young American solider, it lets him or her know that their service is valued and appreciated.  It also gives them a brief glimpse into another way of life and is a welcomed relief from the routine (including meals) of a military base.  For the hosting family, it allows them, including their children, to better understand our military and the commitment these young men and women are making.

What better way to express our gratitude for and share what we have than to host a soldier for Thanksgiving..


Host a Marine for Thanksgiving Dinner