Take a Course on American History

When I think of this action, I am reminded of how important it is to many adopted children to find out where they came from - to find their birth parents - in an effort to help them understand who they are and how their personal history is composed.  Knowing our roots helps put our life in a real perspective, even if the reality isn't what we hoped for.

Understanding the history of this country is important for similar reasons. It has taken so much to get from our colonial status in 1776 to today's modern world - wars, day-to-day hardship, courage, imagination, creativity, going against the norm, and so on. 

Understanding our country's history helps us see things in perspective and helps us avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  It makes us aware of what it took to attain our freedoms and reminds us of what we must do to keep them. If one doesn't appreciate what one has and what it took to attain it, it is easy not to give it the respect and attention it needs.   And history has shown that when a country takes what is has for granted and begins to believe that it is entitled to what it has, decline begins.  Good things are worth taking care of and what we have in this country is generally quite good. 

Taking a course on American History is a good way to understand our history.  Taking a course, as opposed to reading a book, gives one an opportunity to discuss historical events with others and hear other perspectives.

There is a wonderful series of U.S. history videos for kids developed by TimeCycle Academy.

Take Course on American History

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