Tell Someone When You Don't Approve of Their Actions

Most of what other people do is not our business.  Fortunately in this country, each of us gets to live our own life in our own way and not according to how someone else wants us to live it.  However, we are also a society, and, because of that, each of us must make certain accommodations to our behavior. 

When someone acts in a way that is detrimental to the society, we, as members of the society, have the responsibility to let that person know that their actions weren't in the best interest of the society.  Easier said than done, but our actions impact others and eventually our society.

Saying something to someone who does something you don't approve us is one of the toughest "citizen actions" in this book. We like to get along and we like to be liked.

Some of the citizen actions are more difficult and require more sacrifice than others and this is one of those.  These are the small sacrifices that make a huge difference.  Standing and speaking up not only helps keep the country strong but it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Allow yourself to voice disapproval of actions that undermine our freedoms.


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