Wave to a Policeman

In a society with millions of citizens like the United States, it's important that we respect each other.

The Constitution suggests that specially trained Americans like the police, FBI agents, etc. enforce laws that we created. Normally, when we talk with policemen, it's because we may have done something we shouldn't have. Even though it's unpleasant for us, it's also unpleasant for policemen. Explaining to people what they may have done wrong isn't easy, and they do it all day, every day!

When you wave to a policeman, you are saying, "I understand and appreciate how difficult your job is" and you are thanking them for helping enforce our laws. Just like you would, they do a better job when they feel appreciated, and in addition, the country becomes a safer place to live.

And yes, the same is true for firemen!

Wave to a Policeman



Listen to our Trash Monster song!to our Wave to a Policeman song!

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