Citizen Actions For
High School (9th - 12th grades)

Actions that Remind Us of Our Heritage

  1. Ask your parents or teacher about the meaning of national holidays.

  2. Learn the states and their capital.

  3. Ask your grandparents and parents what life was like when they were growing up.

  4. Watch these Ken Burns films:
    “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”
    “The Civil War”
    “The War”
    “The Statue of Liberty”

Actions that Keep Us Involved in the Democratic Process

  1. Tell someone in authority when someone does something wrong.

  2. Question things you don’t understand or that don’t make sense.

  3. Ask your parents who they are voting for and why.

  4. Discuss issues facing the country at dinner.

  5. Go to the polling location with your parents when they vote.

Actions that Support Groups with a Special Responsibility For Keeping the County Strong

  1. Wave to policemen and firemen.

Actions that Help Us Understand Our Government

  1. Read the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

  2. Go on a police "ride-along".

Actions that Promote a Sense of Community

  1. Pick up a piece of trash each day.

  2. Recycle paper and glass products

  3. Volunteer at a “community center”  (nursing home, homeless shelter, etc. ) especially during the holidays.

Actions that Strengthen Families and Individuals

  1. Say please and thank you always and I'm sorry when you are.

  2. Keep a journal of things you appreciate and are thankful for.

  3. Resist Intimidation.