Ask a Friend How They Feel About an Issue

In some ways this action is so easy and so useful and can be so intellectually invigorating.  It's so valuable because listening to someone else's thoughts is educational.  Educational in that it gives us another perspective on the issue;  educational in that it gives us a better sense of our friend; and educational in that it gives us an opportunity, and presents a challenge, to more clearly formulate and articulate our feelings on the issue.

Yet in another way, this action is hard so for most of us!  It's hard because discussing an issue becomes a possible source of disagreement and thus a possible barrier to a friendly relationship.  Most of us want to be liked and, unfortunately, many of us believe that discussing issues may lead to disagreements and that if we disagree, we won't be liked by the person we disagree with.

If a person doesn't like you because of what you think, then perhaps that person isn't worthy of your friendship.  Discussing issues can be the foundation for a great and intellectually stimulating friendship.

Ask friend about specific issue