Attend a City Council Meeting

Unless one lives in an area governed by a homeowners association, the city council or county Board of Supervisors is probably the "lowest" level of government that affects each of us.

Attending one's City Council or County Board of Supervisors meetings is one of the easiest and most relevant ways to see our democratic government in action. Easy in that the meetings are relatively close to where we live and relevant because most of the issues discussed affect us.

Such visits afford us a chance to assess the competence of individuals we have elected, to understand the governing process, to understand important local issues, and to provide our input directly to our elected officials.

While many towns broadcast their meetings on local cable TV channels, being inside the council chamber gives one a different and more realistic feeling and it takes some of the mystic out of government. Town meetings are usually held a few times a month.

Attend a City Council meeting

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