Attend a Criminal Trial

The public is allowed to sit in on almost all jury trials. There simply is nothing like attending a criminal or civil trial to give one a sense and perspective of our legal system - both the good and the not so good. The court building is usually located in the County Seat.  Unless the trial is for a juvenile, one is allowed to walk in and observe.  The court calendar is usually often posted outside the court and indicates if jury trial is scheduled.  

Attending helps one understand the:

  • importance of juries,

  • seriousness of breaking the law,

  • importance of hearing all evidence and of not trying individuals in the media based upon polls or limited and highly "spun" information,

  • importance of deciding the outcome based upon the evidence and not on personal or social-related beliefs, and

  • roles of the judge, juries, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and witnesses.

Attending a criminal trial will help demystify some of the glamour associated with some major trials.

Attend a criminal trial

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