Attend the Naturalization Ceremony of New Citizens

There are millions of individuals around the world that would love to live in the United States. 

Our immigration laws allow a number of individuals to enter the country each year for a variety of reasons and allow individuals who have been permanent residents for 5 years to become naturalized citizens. 

Many individuals have done extraordinary things and made extraordinary sacrifices to get to our shores and become US citizens. Becoming a naturalized citizen is a dream for many of these individuals. The general process includes:


confirming that you are eligible,


filing an Application for Naturalization,


getting fingerprinted,


an interview with the USCIS,


passing a Civics Exam, and


taking the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony

The Oath of Allegiance Ceremony represents many things. It's the realization of a dream and the start of a new life for the person becoming a naturalized citizen. And it can be a very emotional experience for someone who is already a citizen and observing the ceremony.  Your local USCIS office will tell you when and where Oath ceremonies are held.  Go watch and feel the sense of excitement. It will help you re-appreciate what we have.

Attend Naturalization Ceremony

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