Encourage Others to Vote

Voting is so important and for so many reasons. And not only do we have the privilege of voting, but we can encourage others to vote by:

  • Voting yourself, which is a form of encouragement. It tells others that voting is important and that it's not too difficult.
  • Display the "I Voted" sticker or button often given at polling locations as a reminder to others that it is an election day.
  • Offering to take someone to their polling location.

  • Taking your children with you when you vote - they can come into the booth with you and begin to understand how one votes.

  • Explaining to someone how to register to vote, how to research their choices on who/what to vote for, how to find their polling location, or how easy it is to vote absentee.

And as the following snippet suggests, simply reminding others to vote has been shown to significantly increase the chances that they will vote.

"The Yale University political scientists who led this study sent students out to deliver nonpartisan get-out-the-vote messages to randomly chosen houses.  After the election, voting records revealed that the turnout was six percent higher among the households contacted. (That's not exactly peanuts, given the lackluster voter turnouts in the United States recently.)" - October 2000 Reader's Digest

Sometimes knowing that someone else cares is all it takes.


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