Provide Feedback to the Police Chief and Oversight Boards
on Positive and Negative Encounters with Police Officers.

Our laws give us the framework for our democracy. However, it's the enforcement of those laws that make our democracy sustainable.

We have local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies charged with ensuring these laws are enforced. While most laws are designed to protect society, some are designed to protect individuals under suspicion or charged with breaking the law.

There are thousands of laws and related procedures for enforcing them. Throw in the danger, time commitment, and stress and it's clear being a law enforcement officer, while hopefully very satisfying, is not an easy job.

Laws need to be applied consistently, fairly, and properly. That is why it is critical to give law enforcement agencies feedback on how they are performing. It's easy. Call the agency and ask how to provide feedback to the Police Chief or head of the agency if not a police department. So if you have an encounter with a policeman, give the Department feedback. You will feel good, they will appreciate it and it will help our democracy strong.

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