Go On a Police Ride-Along

Forget going to an amusement park. Forget watching reality TV. If you want some reality, go on a Police Ride Along!

Many police and sheriffs' departments have programs where citizens can ride along with patrol officers. Call your local police department of sheriff's office to find out if they have such a program and if so, how it works.

Many of us live in a "sheltered" world.  We live in a socio-economic world where we are generally unaware of the level of crime, violence, poverty, and despair. 

Riding with a police officer gives one an appreciation of:

  • what it's like to a law enforcement officer, the importance of police in maintaining a stable society, the importance of police training in order to handle a multitude of situations in ways which not only protect themselves and other citizens from harm but which respect the civil rights of individuals, the potential danger police officers are placed in on a day-to-day basis, and how courageous they can be, and how real and dangerous weapons are.

  • how devastating it is to have a corrupt police officer or department.
Go on a Police Ride-Along

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