Keep a Gratitude Journal

A woman recently called the Dennis Prager radio talk show on his topic of happiness.  She told Dennis of something she did every day that contributed to her positive attitude.  She said that each morning she wrote down a few things she was thankful for.  She called it her "gratitude journal".  Apparently, Oprah had popularized this idea on one of her shows.

Being grateful for what we have helps the country in a couple of ways.  First, it helps keep us in a positive and thankful appreciative frame of mind.  A positive frame of mind increases the chances we will spend more time "outside of ourselves" and concerned about the community.  Second, it increases the chances that we will:

  • recognize all that we have in this country that we would not have if we weren't safe and free, and

  • take small "citizen actions" to help keep the country free.

How does one show gratitude? How does one appreciate what one has?

The first step is to identify the things one is grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal and writing about the things we are grateful for is a nice way to set aside time to think about things we appreciate and why we appreciate them.

The next step is to take care of the things we appreciate - whether those things are our eyes, our parents, our health, the school we attend, a teacher, a place we live, or the country we live in. And the way one takes care of the country is to do these citizen actions when the opportunities arise and throughout ones life. One is more likely to spend time on things one cares about.

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