Learn What is Being Taught About America at Your Child's School

We often take what we have for granted. Because we are born in America, a country with many freedoms, we are not always aware of how rare, important, and fragile freedom is. We sometimes learn about freedom from our parents, but it's also important that we learn about America and other countries in school. 

What is taught about America differs from school system to school system. Also, there are pressures from special interest groups to include materials and points of view into schools' curricula that support their causes - often at the expense of accuracy and the time needed to properly teach American history.

If parents aren't aware of what's being taught, then they can't have an influence on future curriculum choices.   A parent's interest also reinforces to children that education about our country's history is important.

We have a vested interest in ensuring that our children are being taught about our country - both the good and the not so good. It is critical that each generation understand and know the truth about our heritage.

Learn What Being Taught About the Country

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