Pursue Injustices, Even at Personal Inconvenience

This action means that when individuals or organizations do something that injures, or might injure, or that is unfair to others, that we do what is needed to either see that the situation is rectified or brought to the attention of the appropriate parties.

Examples of an “injustices?"  It could be someone bullying someone else, someone cutting in line, someone breaking the law, a suspicious individual or vehicle in your neighborhood, a company that takes advantage of its employees, a safety issue not being addressed, a bogus advertisement or claim.

It's so easy not to do anything when we are not the target of an injustice or see someone else treated inappropriately.   It's so easy to just want to get back to the rhythm of our daily lives - our "pursuit our Happiness." It’s so easy to believe someone else will take care of it or that it doesn’t matter.

When these “injustices” occur and we do nothing, we are giving implicit approval that it’s okay to do.  We are emboldening individuals to continue their actions. We allow a small crack to form in the fabric of the country. It is our responsibility as a citizen in a democracy to take actions that keep the country strong.  Individuals and organizations that commitment these “injustices” often do them knowing and counting on that fact that no one will do anything.

In addition to improving the quality of the country, pursuing injustices, has side benefits. Seeing someone stand up and challenge an action by an individual or company, enables others to do the same. Often it is personally rewarding to know that speaking up and persistence can result in change. The process of following-up can also be a learning experience - how things work or don't work!

The Giraffe Project is a great organization that recognizes individuals who "stick their neck out".

Pursue Injustices

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