For each thing we throw away and for each thing that we have but don't use, more of this country's and this planet's natural resources must be used - more trees cut down, more animals raised and slaughtered, more water resources depleted, more oil and minerals extractes, and more pollution is created. And while some of these natural resources do get replenished, it takes a long long time.

When we don't properly recycle things like motor oil we do tremendous damage to our drinking water and probably without knowing it.  One gallon of used oil can pollute 1 million gallons of drinking water!

Recycling stuff you throw away means ...have consumedParticipate in city recycling programsReturn bottles/plastic to store (some states have redemption fees)"" """ to recycle vending machinesBreakdown into raw materials Recycling stuff you don't use anymore means .....The amount of stuff (glass, cans, paper, plastics) we use (sometimes not even used) and throw away is phenomenal and a waste. If you are convinced based on your experience, visit a garbage dump. For me, it's scary and sad to see so much stuff thrown away, buried or burnt.Prevent waste by splitting entrees at restaurants - many restaurants provide portions.

In today's world, we have capacity to recycle and reuse much of the materials we throw away - including water.  Through this partnership for the environment.


Listen to our Trash Monster song!to our Trash Monster song!

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