Serve on a Jury, If Asked

Laws are vital. They prescribe how a society will function. Without them, there would be chaos!a society like ours wouldn't survive - there would be chaos!

In this country, it is the judicial system that determines whether individuals or organizations have broken the law. The most common way the judicial system makes this determination is to have a jury of other Americans listen to the evidence and determine the guilt or innocence of the accused.

If individuals who break the law were to be found innocent, and individuals who have not broken the law were to be found guilty, then our laws and judicial system would become meaningless. Thus the ability of juries to properly determine guilt or innocence is critical to our survival.

Avoiding jury duty because you are busy at work or think it's a waste of time going to the courthouse and waiting to be called for a trial may seem important to you in the short-term. But in the long-term, neither are good reasons and hurt the country. Jury service reinforces and makes real the need for laws and the need for juries!

Serving on a jury is one of the most important, and in many cases interesting, ways in which an American gets to serve her or his country.

If you are brave, then when someone complains that they have just received a summons for jury duty or brags about how they got out of jury duty, speak up. Remind them of the mind boggling sacrifices millions of Americans have made over the years to keep us free.

One more thought.  If you are fortunate to get onto a jury, remember how important it is to make your decision based upon the evidence and the law.  Making decisions based upon prejudice or what you think the law should be, destroys the credibility of the system.  By the way, while juror selection varies by state, jurors are often selected at random using lists of registered voters and driver license renewals.

Serve on a jury

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