Assist a Bicyclist or Driver in Need

Of course you need to use judgment when doing this because of safety concerns, but plenty of opportunities arise to help a driver or bicyclist in need.  There are many ways we can help:

  • Call someone for them

  • Bring them gas

  • Help diagnose a problem or make a repair

When a nation gets to the point where its people don't assist others in need, that nation is in trouble - we are close to that point.  The following story appeared in USA Today on July 20, 1990.

Girl's roadside ordeal stuns Italy

All of Italy seems horrified by the tragic story of 6-year-old Vanessa Moretti's search for help for her dying father.

The child was riding with her father, Marco Moretti, 33, on the way from their home near Florence to the beach town of Monte Argentario on Saturday to begin a vacation. Moretti had a heart attack as the car entered a tunnel on the "Sun Highway," a main road to central Italy's beaches.  Before collapsing, he pulled over and the girl got out to seek help. Hundreds of people beginning their own vacations passed as she stumbled along. She ran into a guard rail and fell into roadside branches. Scratched, crying and bleeding, she walked more than a mile and spent a half-hour on the side of the road before any passing drivers stopped.

The story has outraged many Italians, who fear it shows they have become selfish and indifferent as their economy has prospered."We have begun to show the cold, glacial face that even a few years ago we reproached other, richer countries for having" columnist Sabin Acquaviva wrote in Milan's daily Corriere della Sera."Because we have inculcated in people the philosophy of well-being, we have created egoist, consumers, people who ultimately are alone and unhappy," he wrote.

Marco Moretti was buried Monday in his hometown of Pontassieve, Vaness was staying with relatives.

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