Talk with Your Children About Ways to be a Good Citizen

As parents, we have many resonsibilities - all of them important!

One of our roles is to be a teacher. We need to teach our children many things - how to stay safe, how to be social, how to treat others, personal hygiene, how to have good character and so on.

Because we live in a democracy, we need to teach and show our children how to be effective citizens. Ones that wil help keep the country strong, vital and free.

Unfortunately, our schools don't teach students how to be effective citizens. They teach about civics-related topics and have lessons about topics like Earth Day, President's Day and Native American Indians, but not about being effective citizens.

Most of us have were never taught how. So pickout some of the "citizen actions" on this website you believe would be appropriate for our children. Explain why the actions matter, explain how to go about doing them and ask them to give you feedback on their experiences. Make up new actions with them! Some of the actions can be done together.

Talk with your children about being a good citizen

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