Teach Your Children the States and Their Capitals

Spending time teaching our children about their rich heritage, about the struggles to form their country, and about ways to be a good citizen builds a background of respect for freedom and caring about its preservation.

Here are some fun ways to teach your children about their country:

  • Buy a puzzle of the U.S.   It reinforces the concept that our country is diverse and  large.
  • Have fun at dinner quizzing your children on the states.  It gives them much-needed attention as well as a head start in school.  Ask them:
        - to name the cities they know in a particular state
        - what the state is known for
        - what the capital is
        - what states border that state
        - what the state, tree, flower and bird are for the state you live in
  • Play the license plate game in the car.  See how many license plates from other states you can spot.
  • Capital Cities USA lists and provides interesting information about each of our 50 state capitals.
Teach Your Children States and their Capitals

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