Tell the Truth - Always!

Telling the truth doesn't mean randomly expressing ones feelings or thoughts.  Nor does it mean expressing feelings or thoughts in an insensitive way.

It does mean telling people how you feel and what you think, when appropriate.  It does mean being true to oneself (acknowledging ones reality) and not to someone else's wishes.

Psychiatrist David Viscott  said that "the truth may hurt, but it's always hurts less than a lie".  There is more than a little truth in the old saying:

"The truth shall set you free."

Telling the truth is perhaps the most important thing we can do to live a life that is satisfying and that keeps stress to a minimum. When we tell the truth, we take responsibility for our lives and that leads to a fulfilling life.

We live in a society and at a time where telling the truth is not always valued.  To the contrary, much around us is not reality-based.  Here are some examples of things that distort our sense of reality:

  • political correctness inhibits a free expression of ideas and feelings,

  • putting spin on events and actions to make them appear what they aren't,

  • advertising often exaggerates if not misleads or is dishonest,

  • juries that seemingly ignore the facts and arrive at verdicts more on social issues rather than on fact and law,

  • the 'canned' laughter in most sitcoms is fake, and

  • the fine print meant to mask the "downside" of a product or service.

When one doesn't tell the truth in a relationship, whether personal or professional, it is crazy-making.  Crazy-making because we end up acting and responding in ways that aren't based on reality.  Such relationships consume enormous amounts of our energy - wasted energy that could be best be used to live better lives - our own lives.

Telling the truth breeds a strong individual. A strong individual contributes to a  strong family and community, thus keeping our county strong and free.

The Internet has enabled information - both fact and fiction - to be spread quickly so it is more important than ever to ferret out fact from fiction. There are sites like dedicated to the truth no matter what it is.

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