Watch or Listen to a Debate Between Candidates

Political debates are perhaps the best way to assess candidates for public office.  Such debates present a forum for voters to listen to the candidates' ideas and to observe their style, poise, persuasive ability, and reaction to challenges and criticism.  And while many of the debates may not be "real" debates, they often provide the opportunity to see for ourselves and not rely solely on candidate spin doctors or media-driven perceptions.  

Unfortunately, there tend to be few debates and the media often doesn't cover them.  Front-runners tend to avoid debates for fear of making a mistake.  All too often in today's society and political environment, the candidate who is the incumbent, or who is most attractive, or who has the money, or whose family has political experience and connections is given front-runnerstatus. We as citizens need to demand more debates. 

As citizens, we have gotten away from scrutinizing candidates and voting for those who ideas match our beliefs of what is good for the country.  The League of Women Voters does a good job of promoting and sponsoring political debates. 

Educate yourself on the issues by seeking out more information on candidates and demanding better media coverage of debates.

Watch Debate

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