About Good Citizen

Good Citizen is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit with a mission to teach young Americans how to be great citizens. We have NO affiliation with any political party or point of view.

It was founded by Nick Homer, the Executive Director, and evolved from a web-book by Mr. Homer titled ”Who Will Cracked Flag Heart America?”   The Preface describes Mr. Homer’s life experiences that led to the beliefs that ultimately became the underpinnings of Good Citizen.

It was incorporated as a California public charities corporation in June 2003 and given federal tax exemption in January 2004.  It was established as "Citizen Actions", but does business as "Good Citizen".

To verify its tax exempt status, go to GuideStar. GuideStar is the on-line gold standard for nonprofit accountability.   It verifies that Good Citizen is listed in IRS Publication 78, the definitive source for verifying a nonprofit's charitable status.

Directors of Good Citizen

Nick Homer - Executive Director Matthew Horton, Director, Good Citizen Alan Ross - Director
Nick Homer Matthew Horton Alan Ross
Executive Director Director Director
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President - Nick Homer

Vice President-TBD

Treasurer - Emily Locke

Secretary - Debbie Balousek

Consultants & Resources

Tax Accounting & CPA  - Tellone Management Group

Linguistics and Readability Services  -  Transcend

Web Development  -  Karen Ezell

Hand-drawn graphics -  Clubb Consulting -