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Teaching Citizenship Unit
Lesson 1 - Terms & U.S. Democracy Basics


Ensure students learn the basic terms needed to understand the material in the rest of the Teaching Citizenship Unit.


1 - Terms and Definitions


2 - Democracy versus Autocracy


  • Democracy versus Autocracy Worksheet.

3 - U.S. Constitution Basics


4 - Public Officials - Roles & Responsibilities

Teaching Points

  1. Handout the Responsibilities of Elected Offficials .
    Remind the kids that the country is run on a daily basis by those we elect and and by those who are appointed and hired by those we elect.
  2. Discuss some of the powers and decisions our public officials make and the importance to the country.
  3. Homework - Handout the Elected Officials Worksheet

    KEY POINT - Elected officials and the individuals they appoint have a great deal of influence over the laws and direction of the country.


5 - Citizens - Rights and Responsibilities

Teaching Points

Specifically citizens responsible for

  • Understanding heritage of country
  • Staying involved in democratic process
  • Promoting a sense of community
  • Supporting individuals with special responsibility for keeping country strong
  • Keeping themselves and their families strong
  • Understanding how our government works

6 - Special Interest Groups

Teaching Point

  1. Ask the kids to identify other organizations they believe might be SIGs. Clarify what their cause is and ask what things each of the SIGs might do that was in their best interest but not in the best interest of the country overall.

    KEY POINT - Special interest groups are concerned about their cause and not necessarily the country.