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Teaching Citizenship Unit
Lesson 4 - Performing Citizen Actions

Lesson Objective

To give students an opportuny to perform a few citizen reactions and share their experiences with the class.


1 - Identify Citizen Actions to Performed

Teaching Points

  1. Have each student choose 2-3 citizen actions that they will perform. Do this by going to the Citizen Actions page and selecting the appropriate grade level under "By Grade Level For Younger Americans."

  2. Read the descriptions of each citizen action to the students.

  3. Discuss each one and ensure the students are clear on how to perform each of these.

  4. Discuss that they will be writing a brief summary of their experiences performing each of the citizen actions. Suggest that they keep notes each time they perform the citizen actions. Suggest that they discuss their assignment with their parents.

  5. Homework: Give the kids a few weeks to complete this assignment - the time should depend on the citizen actions selected.

2 - Write About Each Citizen Action Performed

Teaching Points



3 - Share Experiences with Class

Teaching Points