Actions That Involve Us in the Democratic Process

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  1. A discussion on issues between two candidates is called a ______.
  2. Action - Express your ________ to an elected official.
  3. When Americans come together to do something on their own, it is often called a __________ effort. First part of this word is what grows in a lawn.
  4. Action - Sign a _______ you agree with. It's a document organizaitons circulate so citizens will sign and which then gets sent to another organization hoping to influence their position on an issue.
  5. Americans charged with a crime are assumed to be innocent until proven to be ______.
  6. Action - _____ over something you feel strongly about.
  7. One way to express your opinion is by calling a radio _____ show.
  8. One can vote at a polling location or by sending in an absentee _____, completing it at home and then returning it the Registrar of Voters.
  9. Action - _____. What citizens over 18 should do in an election.
  10. Speaking out against the government in some countries can land you in _____.
  11. Action - Pursue _________, even at personal inconvenience. Something that you don't think isn't fair.
  12. Action - Ask a _____ how they feel about a specific issue. Another word for buddy.


  1. A person who runs for public office is called a _______ for that office.
  2. Action - Talk about current _____ at dinner with your family.
  3. When a citizen writes a letter to a newspaper expressing an opinion, it is called a letter to the ______.
  4. Action - Pay the _____ you owe.
  5. A government "of the people, by the people and for the people" as President Abraham Lincoln said in his famous Gettysburg Address.
  6. Information presented by attorneys at a _____ is called evidence
  7. Action - Tell someone when you don't approve of their _______.
  8. Action - _____ injustices, even at personal convenience. Means to go after.
  9. The day on which Americans vote is called _______ day.
  10. One way to register to vote is through the Department of ______ Vehicles.
  11. Action - Work at a _______ location. The place where one votes.
  12. Action - ______ a debate between candidates for elected office.
  13. Action - Serve on a _______, if asked. They listen to the facts of a case and make a decision which a judge announces.

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