Actions That Support Groups With a Responsibility For Keeping the Country Strong

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  1. Action - Send a ____ package to servicemen overseas.
  2. Action - Seek more ___ and better conditions for military persons, veterans, teachers and police officers.
  3. Action - ____ to a policemen. Saying "hi" with your arm.
  4. Action - Attend a School _____ meeting.
  5. When children are educated at home by their families and tutors, they are said to have been ____ schooled.
  6. Action - Give ______ to individuals who act of behalf of the country.
  7. Action - Participate in, or make a donation to, a group with this country as its _____.
  8. Members of a public school district's School Board are usually _______ by the public.
  9. Americans who have fought in wars are called _________, Or an old soldier of long service.


  1. Waving to a policeman is a way of thanking them for helping enforce our ____.
  2. ________ citizens with strong values are essentail in an effective democracy.
  3. Helping out at your child's school is a good way to appreciate what it takes to ______ a class.
  4. Action - _________ to help out at your child's school.
  5. Police are trained to maintain a safe society while respecting the civil ______ of individuals.
  6. The most important factor in determining the success of a child in school is the involvement and support of the child's _______.
  7. Action - Go on a _____ "ride-along". Another word for cops.
  8. Action - Discuss the ____ of the military with your children.
  9. Action - Provide feedback to the _____ of Police on positive and negative encounters with officers.
  10. Individuals often donate blood to the American ___ Cross.

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