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Each of the above two stickers is available in two ways. Each measures 1 1/2" in diameter.

1 - Have a printing company print a roll -

You can purchase rolls of these stickers from printers like Fedex Office, Staples, etc. Rolls of 500 cost about $250 and rolls of 1,000 cost about $270. To do this, email the EPS file (see below) to the printing company so they can confirm they can print the stickers and the price. The printer should use a gloss stock with a full bleed and three color printing on a removable adhesive backing that won't hurt clothing.

2 - Print stickers yourself

You can use the PDF file (see below) to print stickers on your own color inkjet printer. You need to print this PDF on "sticker" paper - 20 stickers per page. Use Avery #8293 1-1/2" diameter round labels, 20 to a sheet. A box of these Avery #8293 labels cost about $16.50 and contains 20 sheets - thus a total of 400 stickers.

Make sure that any print options that refer to "Fit to Page" or "Reduce to Fit Printer Margins" are unchecked/off.

Note: The images on the PDFs are square but they when they are printed on the Avery label sheet noted above, the round sticker peels off with the full image.

Good Citizen Sticker A Good Citizen Sticker B

EPS File

EPS File

PDF File

PDF File