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Top 10 "Kids" Citizen Actions

Actions that Remind Us of Our Heritage

4. Ask your grandparents and parents what life was like when they were growing up.

Actions that Keep Us Involved in the Democratic Process

6. Question things you don’t understand or that don’t make sense.

1. Read a daily newspaper for kids like the News-O-Matic app.

Actions that Support Groups with a Special Responsibility For Keeping the County Strong

5. Wave to policemen and fire fighters.

Actions that Help Us Understand Our Government

3. Read the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for Kids.

Actions that Promote a Sense of Community

8. Pick up a piece of trash each day.

2. Extend small courtesies to individuals of difference.

10. Recycle paper and glass products.

Actions that Strengthen Families and Individuals

9. Say please and thank you always and I'm sorry when you are.

7. Walk away from bullies.