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Detroit’s bankruptcy – don’t look at the leaders!

Many are blaming Detroit’s leaders as the source of its abysmal fiscal situation which has resulted in the City seeking protection under U.S. bankruptcy law.

In a Democracy, that explanation doesn’t work.  In a Democracy, its citizens elect its leaders. Detroit’s residents elected the individuals that created Detroit’s fiscal crisis.  Detroit’s residents are the source of it’s demise.  To report otherwise, simply masks the real problem and thus prevents it from being addressed. Continue reading

The Marine in seat 8C

I was flying from Palm Springs to San Francisco. I sat down in seat 9B. As I watched passengers embark, I noticed a young guy wearing a baseball cap backwards. There was something unusual about his movement. He sat in 8C. I noticed that a large part of his neck was red and that there was what seemed to be a large scare going under his cap. I thought he must have been in a fire. Ouch…… Continue reading