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Making political correctness go Poof!

Political correctness exists for one reason – too many Americans are afraid to say what they believe and think. They are being bullied by a segment of Americans who want to control the direction of the country. If someone calls you a name or says something derogatory about you for what you think or say, then who would want them in your life to begin with. Continue reading

SF 49er quarterback and 2016 Olympic pole vault bronze medalist react to our national anthem

Freedom of speech is vital to a democracy.  It allows citizens to hear all points of view and to make up their own minds about issues and behaviors.  The ‘speech’ doesn’t have to be audible and the points of view can be diametrically opposed!  Two recent examples.

Colin Kaerpernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.

Sam Kendrick, bronze medalist in the 2016 Olympic pole vault in Rio.