The Marine in seat 8C

I was flying from Palm Springs to San Francisco. I sat down in seat 9B. As I watched passengers embark, I noticed a young guy wearing a baseball cap backwards. There was something unusual about his movement. He sat in 8C. I noticed that a large part of his neck was red and that there was what seemed to be a large scare going under his cap. I thought he must have been in a fire. Ouch…… Continue reading

The “pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life”

Sound backwards? The founding fathers would think so. They knew that America’s priorities had to be “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and in that order as stated in the Constitution. They understood that if the country weren’t safe or were at war (“life), then we couldn’t be truly free (“liberty”). And they understood that if we weren’t free, then we couldn’t “pursue our happiness.” Continue reading