Actions That Support Groups With a Responsibility
for Keeping the Country Strong

There are certain groups whose jobs were specifically created to keep the country strong. Strong in the sense of safe; strong in the sense of fair, useful and enforced laws; strong in the sense of educated citizens; and strong in the sense of talented leaders with the best interest of the country at heart. These groups include:

  • Elected officials
  • Firemen
  • Judicial officials and juries
  • Law enforcement individuals
  • Military personnel and veterans
  • K - 12 teachers 

By understanding the issues these groups face; by supporting and challenging them when appropriate; and by ensuring that these groups attract the most talented individuals and have the resources they need to carry out their functions, we can help them do a better job and make the country a better place to live.


Reader Submitted Actions
Send a care package to our troops

Send a care package to servicemen overseas.

Citizen Actions


Attend a School Board meeting.


Discuss the role of the military with your daughter and/or sons.


Give credit to individuals who act on behalf of the country.


Go on a police "ride-along".


Host a Marine For Thanksgiving Dinner.


Make a donation to, or participate with, a group with this country as its focus.


Provide feedback to the Police Chief and Oversight Boards on positive and negative encounters with Police officers.


Seek more pay and better conditions for military persons, veterans, teachers and police officers.


Send a care package to servicemen overseas. 


Volunteer to help out at your child's school.


Wave to a policeman.