Each of these two stickers is available in two ways. Each measures 1  1/2″ in diameter.

1 – Have a printing company print a roll 

You can purchase rolls of these stickers from printers like Fedex Office, Staples, etc. Rolls of 500 cost about $250 and rolls of 1,000 cost about $270. To do this, email the EPS file (see below) to the printing company so they can confirm they can print the stickers and the price. The printer should use a gloss stock with a full bleed and three color printing on a removable adhesive backing that won’t hurt clothing.

2 – Print stickers yourself

You can use the PDF file (see below) to print stickers on your own color inkjet printer. You need to print this PDF on “sticker” paper – 20 stickers per page. Use Avery #8293 1-1/2″ diameter round labels, 20 to a sheet. A box of these Avery #8293 labels cost about $16.50 and contains 20 sheets – thus a total of 400 stickers.

Make sure that any print options that refer to “Fit to Page” or “Reduce to Fit Printer Margins” are unchecked/off.

Note: The images on the PDFs are square but they when they are printed on the Avery label sheet noted above, the round sticker peels off with the full image.