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Top 10 Citizen Action Quiz


Take our Top 10 Citizen Actions Quiz! Rank the top 10 Citizen Actions in importance and compare your answers with ours.


  • Teach Americans the importance of being involved in our democracy and how to be effective citizens.

  • A response to President Kennedy’s plea in his 1961 inaugural address:
"Ask not what your country can do for you -
ask what you can do for your country."


  • The lack of citizen involvement is a quiet epidemic and a threat to our future. (read more)

  • Americans need a broader view of citizenship - it goes well beyond voting, jury duty, and community service. (read more)

  • Effective citizens do simple, yet impactful things - citizen actions - on a daily basis that keep the country free.

Citizen Actions

  • We have identified 100 citizen actions, explained why they matter, and grouped them into 6 categories.

     HeritageDemocratic ProcessSpecial Groups

    GovernmentCommunityIndividuals & Families

What's New!

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11/29/16 - Take our new Quiz! Rank 10 Top Citizen Actions in order of importance!

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9/12/16 - September 17th is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Check out this Constitution for Kids site

9/13/15 - Good Citizenís executive director was interviewed for a recent article in Mini Page weekly newpaper entitled 'Good Citizens'.

9/1/15 - September 17th is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Check out this Constitution for Kids site

8/21/15 - "Say Please..." was added to our Kids' songs. It supports the Kids' citizen action "Say Please and Thank You always and I'm Sorry when you are."


Citizen Action Examples


For teachers who would like to supplement the citizenship component of a social studies curriculum or character education program like Character Counts.

For parents looking for guidance in raising involved and effective citizens.

For boy and girl scouts working toward citizenship-related pins, patches, and badges.

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100 Citizen Actions
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