On: October 13, 2008

No bailout, stimulus package, G7 edict, regulation, or interest rate cut will get us out of our current economic situation until we fix the underlying problem. What is it?
“Blacks First”, “Republicans First”, “Gays First”, “Unions First”, “Hispanics First”, “Democrats First”, “Trial Lawyers First”, “Public Accountants First” and on and on with “America Last”.

We put our “special interests” above the interests of the country. What’s good for special interest groups may or may not be in the best interest of the country. But what’s good for the country is always in the best interest of these special interest groups. Because if the country isn’t safe (Life) and free (Liberty), then none of us or any special interest group can “pursue its interests.”

The underlying problem we face is that we, as citizens in a democracy, don’t take time from our “pursuits of happiness” to do the things needed to keep the country safe and free. Good Citizen’s website lists the types of things each of us needs to be doing.  The only way this lack of involvement will change is to teach our children how to be effective citizens as part of the Social Studies curriculum in elementary school.