On: November 9, 2012

Many foreigners believe Americans think they are better than individuals from other countries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Clearly, the DNA and genes of American babies aren’t different from those in babies born in other countries – certainly not superior. In fact, many of the individuals who have made major contribution to the United States and some of America’s most well-known individuals were born in other countries.

It’s not that Americans are innately better than others, it’s that Americans have opportunities that many others don’t have – the opportunity to become what they are good at and aspire to be. Of course, we all don’t take advantage of this opportunity, but the ability to “become” is available to all Americans.

And it goes without saying that America, as with all societies on this planet, is very imperfect. But our democracy allows those imperfections to be highlighted and provides mechanisms for improving them.

This “opportunity” is the major reason millions of individuals around the world want to live in this country.