On: August 28, 2016

Political correctness exists for one reason – too many Americans are afraid to say what they believe and think. They are being bullied by a segment of Americans who want to control the direction of the country. If someone calls you a name or says something derogatory about you for what you believe or say, then who would want them in your life to begin with.

For a democracy to work, its citizens must help out. While hundreds of thousands of Americans and their families in the armed forces; in law enforcement; in the firefighting community; and in other professions; make difficult sacrifices, most of us spend our lives in the ‘pursuit of happiness.’

While actions like voting, recycling, serving on a jury, staying abreast of current events are important ways to participate in our democracy, actions like speaking our minds and making our own decisions are equally important. They are the type of small sacrifices each of us must make to keep this country safe and free.

When we succumb to political correctness in our thoughts, words, and actions, we cease to be ourselves. We become the puppets of someone else. We allow our identify to be hijacked and lose our sense of self.

Remember, if we aren’t safe, we can’t be free. And if we aren’t free, we can’t pursue our own happiness. Don’t let yourself be bullied. Say “poof” to political correctness. Decide for yourself!

During the 1980’s cola wars, RC Cola ran a series of advertisements with a “Decide for Yourself” theme. Here is one of them.