On: February 9, 2021

Most of us were raised not to lie. Most of us understand that while a lie may hurt it’s always less than the truth.

As humans, our senses help us get what we need and keep us safe. When what we sense isn’t real or we think it is, we make decisions that are not good for us. In a democracy, where each of us has a voice in electing individuals who are supposed to keep us safe, keep us free, and improve our lives, not having real information usually leads to poor outcomes for the country.

The way too many individuals with power – elected and appointed official, the media and social media outlets – keep power and make changes they want, not what their constituents may want is through censorship, bullying, and misinformation.

The only reason individuals censor, lie and bully is to hide a reality they know wouldn’t withstand the light of day. They are anti-democracy. What is it these people and organizations don’t want you to know?

Censorship, lies and misinformation are the cornerstone of communism, fascism and socialism. One can’t believe in democracy and support any censorship, misinformation or bullying.

Seek reality whatever it may be!

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